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What am I opening my heart to?

Day 3

  • Deepening my connections with those who I truly trust and value

  • Leaning my head on someone else's shoulder, and not just being the shoulder to lean on

  • Spontaneity and adventure...and more adventure!

  • Trusting and following my intuition

  • Laughing ridiculously whenever I choose to

  • Sharing more and withholding less, respectfully and lovingly

  • Yet, listening more, and deeply, so when I share it is as thoughtful as it can be with what I have in that moment

  • Telling people I love them more often

  • Deeper faith

  • Receiving compliments

  • Quality time with those I love, as much as possible

  • Feeling deeply, and riding the wave of those feelings, "good" or "bad"

  • Listening to opinions and voices that differ from mine with a little more compassion

  • More reading, and less watching

  • More doing, not just speaking

  • Healthy boundaries that honor my truth

  • Getting to know me a little better

  • Wearing "special" things on non-special days

  • Doing "special" things on non-special days

  • Telling myself how much I love ME

  • Surrender more, worry less

  • Life working in my favor

  • Doing things differently

  • Trusting in timing and my unique journey

  • Alignment

  • Seeing romance in the simplest of things

  • Feeling good just to feel good

  • More hugs

  • Sincerely understanding

  • More compassion

  • Shining more

  • Counting my blessings

  • Prosperity as a way of living (not solely tied to money)

  • Ease and less resistance

  • Focusing on abundance

  • A consistent prayer and meditation practice

  • Partnership

  • Radiating more

  • Letting things flow - knowing when to release, and knowing when to recieve

  • Being the woman I dream of being



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