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Walking with an excited heart

Day 7

After going through a difficult life change and sharing it with a friend, the first thing I was asked was "Are you excited for your future?" I was definitely thrown off by that question because I could not find much to be excited about at that time. The question was very poignant though, and every now and then, the thought would pop up into my head. It made me think about the last time I truly felt excited about life, about my future. It inspired me, and gave me hope that one day again, I would feel excited, and that I'd find my groove in creating a life I was excited about

At the end of 2019, I felt a significant shift. I can't say that one specific event led to that shift, but more likely several events (and honestly ups and downs.) One day, I just felt very excited to see where life would take me in 2020. I'm definitely not the first or last to say 2020 did not take me to where I imagined, however that year brought more insights for me that have only helped me move forward healthier spiritually, mentally and physically.

The photo above was taken a day after I cut all of my hair off for the first time. My entire life I had long hair. Throughout my 30's, my big, natural coils became my signature look. When I cut my hair, other than general shock, I felt a rush of excitement. Excitement that I took a risk. Excitement to see myself differently (also wondering how others would now see me.) Excitement to see my hair (or really myself) evolve in an outward way that reflected my internal evolutions.

Excitement is one of life's natural highs. It can propel you into new things, or make old things feel like you've never experienced them before. I'm thankful to feel excitement again. Even in the simplest of moments, I know it can carry me through.



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