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Day 19

I went through most of high school without a boyfriend. I remember wondering about all of the different reasons why - mainly a list of what was wrong with me. From how I looked physically, to my personality, I had a list that was too long and unjustified. After some time, when the boyfriend of my dreams did not appear, I started to question what I was looking for. I know a lot of what I thought would be was from a teen movie or TV show (thank you Saved by the Bell!) and I then questioned how realistic that was. I also then questioned, if I did get it, was I ready? I remember at about 16 releasing the heavy need of wanting a boyfriend for validation, and decided that when the time was right, the person who was right would come along.

There are many lessons of timing in our lives. Usually we are longing for the monumental things to just happen. A list that we created with many check marks, followed by many lines of fine print detailing endless pressure and negative self talk if that thing does not show up fast enough. I can look back on many experiences and see some milestones where I dove in too quickly, or maybe pondered too long about, but then others where something showed up when the time was just right.

I've come to learn that preparedness is key. How prepared and open are we for the things we desire? If the things we desire have not yet shown up, are we possibly not quite ready? To me, that is where timing comes into play. I think what needs to be found is a balance of surrender and yearning. When we focus too much on wanting that thing to show up we give more energy to it not being there. Rather, why not focus on appreciating what is in the moment, and simultaneously building for the future you desire? Being grateful for what is now, does not negate our desires for newness in life. With that mindset, things somehow start to fall in place. Things align, and before you know it, at the right time, things you may or may not even have expected will show up.

"People talk about perfect timing, but I think everything is perfect in its moment; you just want to capture that." Eddie Huang



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