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Reflections on being 5

Day 5

Growing up, I was the baby - the child who didn't cause much trouble and naturally did what she needed to do. As a little girl, I was incredibly shy. I was so shy, I carried the label of being shy well into adulthood. Looking back, I know it was more of me being very pensive, observant and just cautious around people or situations that were unfamiliar.

I was always thinking of the next step in my head, rather than talking. I naturally spent a lot of time in my head, creating games and stories in my mind since my sister and I were so many years apart. However, if I knew you and was very comfortable around you, I lit up. I look back on my quiet manner as something with a lot of power, that has carried me through. It's part of the essence of who I've always been. I'm thankful for the introverted, adolescent version of me who:

  • first selected being a farmer as her career

  • loved hanging with her decade older sister and cousin, even when it meant getting treated like the annoying little sibling who was 10 years younger

  • thought "shoot" was close to saying a curse word and thought I'd get in trouble

  • was horrified of riding a bike

  • but thought sliding down my grandmother's carpeted stairs was the most exciting activity ever

  • and somehow managed to fall a lot (even though I was not athletic) and had the scars to prove it

  • hated having her hair done

  • but loved getting dressed up

  • had no interest in boys and just wanted to play with dolls

  • and hated getting teased of liking a boy

  • couldn't take naps and wouldn't drink milk at school but somehow never got in trouble for it

  • created her own adventures in her head

  • only had the Wop as a dance move

  • and did the Wop to "Push It" by Salt N Pepa (other favorite songs in general were "Rhythm of the Night" DeBarge, "Borderline" Madonna, "Greatest Love of All" Whitney, "Karma Chameleon" Culture Club, and "Candy Girl" New Edition)

  • hated Bologna sandwiches

  • but loved Ovaltine - especially when my Grandmother made it in her old kettle, while I snuck licking a spoon and dipping it into the jar several times

  • could only have a Carvel ice cream cake for my birthday (nothing beats the crunchies!!!)

  • and so much more...



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