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New Year, New Me?

Day 2

At the beginning of a new year, it's so common to hear that it means the start of a new version of yourself. It's a marker of potential fresh starts, new beginnings, or just an opportunity (or excuse) to tackle or try something you've been wanting to do.

Birthdays have the same meaning in many ways. The idea of "making a wish" when blowing out the candles on a cake stems from ancient traditions of offerings to gods and goddesses, and in many ways symbolizing the light of life. We make those wishes in confidence, often not sharing with others, in hopes to not eliminate any possibility of those wishes coming true.

I think a new calendar year or the blessing of another year of life, can be seen as a doorway to welcoming whatever is next in your story. It's great to imagine a new fit body, a new love, a new job or living space. Usually it's imagined with magic though - rapid change with the snap of a finger. Realistically, it usually takes many snaps, a twist, a turn and who knows what else. I like to hope that new versions of me can be a combination of the highs and lows of reality with plenty of sprinkles of magic



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