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Inspired Living

Day 10

Inspiration is often used in terms of artists - what inspired their music, fashion designs, photography, etc. It's also used as an attribute, such as describing a book, movie, or even someone's life as being inspirational to you. However, I think we need to look more at what inspires us in our daily lives. Ultimately, our lives are acts of our own creation. To live life fully, we should create consciously. If we are always creating, then we should start with and follow what inspires us. Once we find our inspirations, I think we are led to our purpose, and then, we can truly enjoy the path we are taken on.

I can look back on times when I really followed something that inspired me. No matter how it turned out, ultimately what usually followed was ease, joy and a knowingness that I was where I needed to be. It doesn't mean that there may not be unexpected turns or detours, but if inspiration flowed, those turns were a bit smoother. I think it's also important for inspiration to evolve because as long as we are living we have the freedom to readjust the life we'd like to create. Living with inspiration allows for us to create lives larger than we may imagine.

Each of us has something different that inspires or motivates us. We can reflect on what we've seen work for others, but ultimately we have to follow what truly speaks to us individually. One of the greatest joys and inspirations is to see individuals thriving in what inspires them. Our inspirations connect us to joy, and joy is essential for living fully. In this coming year, I plan to ask myself more frequently "What inspires me?" and "Am I following my inspiration?"



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