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Infinite Possibilities

Day 8

My favorite number is the number 8. The first reason is very obvious, and quite surface - it's the date of my birth. (Very basic, I know! ) However, I like it for other reasons as well. I have a preference for even numbers, so with the number 8 being even, it's gained another point. (The preference for even numbers is also biased lol - when learning about even and odd numbers, I thought the numbers that were easier to divide were a better option.) Then there's the fact that it is the infinity symbol in vertical form.

The definition of infinity is typically summed up as that which is boundless, endless, or so large that it cannot be measured. The symbol is a closed loop, showing no beginning or end. I remember being fascinated by the idea of infinity when it was introduced in school. As a young girl, I tried to imagine the most impossibly large number there could be. Or I'd get wrapped up in the idea, that no matter what, something could still be going and going, and we'd never see it end. It was like trying to interpret the vastness of the universe, and realizing I may never fully comprehend or understand its extensiveness.

As humans, we want to know everything. Instead, too many times we are smacked in the head to realize we know nothing (or basically not as much as we think we do.) Infinity, as a concept in my life, reassures me of hope. It makes me curious about what else could be. It makes me wonder how far I can explore in my own life, and how far others have gone. It makes me recognize I'm one little piece to this huge universe, but every little piece adds up to something pretty dynamic. It's magical, inspirational, and I'm here for it. Infinite love, infinite knowledge, infinite growth, and infinite possibilities.

"Life is not about finding our limitations, it's about finding our infinity" Herbie Hancock



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