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Day 22

"Hold fast to dreams,

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly"

Langston Hughes

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by dreams. Some have been better than others, but I often found dreams to be mirrors, teaching points, or inspirations for me. I believe that our dreams in our sleep are just as real as our daydreams or other experiences in our lives. They are all compartments of who we are - some parts are things that we can easily let go of that following morning, and others are points that make us stop and think about where we are in our lives.

I think we often equate dreams to fantasies or "what if" scenarios, yet so many of us then actively talk about the dreams we have regarding the lives we want to create. So what stops us from making those dreams a reality? What allows us to believe that dreams are so farfetched and can only be real in the depths of our sleep or while zoning out randomly in the middle of the day?

Dreams often tend to be clear but blurry (very similar to decision making in life.) However, they are often so clear, you feel as though you are living them. Often people wake up trying to hold on to the reality of the dream before it fades away. They are often moments of intuition or insight, and it's up to us to see what needs to be heard. In our everyday lives, we often miss the mark on what is speaking to us and what steps to take next in our lives.

I think we all need to regain some romanticism in our lives. Let our dreams inspire and speak to us because they often have that spark that reconnects us to our purpose, our joy, and the things we love. So much about manifestation is tied to if you can see it, then it can be made real. If we all continue to move forward in paying attention to the dreams and visions we have, I think that we can create lives that are more fruitful and inspiring. We need to trust more that all that we dream does not have to remain a a fleeting thought or be something that is a struggle. We are worthy of living lives that are comparable to our wildest dreams.

"Dream", Tuck & Patti

If you can see it

Then you start to feel it

The next thing you know, you believe

And that's when dreams begin to come true

So with all your heart and your soul

Start right now--really take control

Turn our dreams into reality



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