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Day 25

"When you quiet your mind, you can enter a world of clarity, peace and understanding." Alice Coltrane

The answers we need or want are usually very easy to find, but often we miss them in the confusion or fog going on inside of us. When we can't make a decision on what to do, it is often because we lack a clear mind to focus and be intentional.

During a rough patch, I remember just praying constantly for clarity. Clarity on what I actually wanted, believed in, and should do next. At some point, I realized I needed tp take a pause, and really sit in what had me stuck. I had to look at why I did not seem to have the ability to choose a direction, or even just clearly see what I was feeling. That lack of clarity was due to my focus on so many other things other than what was truly going on inside.

When we lack clarity of who we are and who we envision ourselves to be, we get lost in the outside noise and circumstances. We can keep going on that way for a while (many, many years often) but at some point we are forced to face that confusion. If we are uncertain and our thoughts are jumbled, those effects spread everywhere in our lives.

When I authentically began to take the time to quiet my mind and be truthful to myself, clarity began to flow. I was no longer anxious about finding clarity - it found me. I began to realize that while there are often difficult decisions to be made, the more I began to listen to and honor myself, I knew which decision was the most honorable to who I am.

Connecting to a clear mind is a life long journey, but it results in living more authentically and fruitfully.

"That inner voice has both greatness and clarity. So to get to the authenticity, you really keep going down to the bone, to the honesty, and the inevitability of something." Meredith Monk



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