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I Am...

Day 17

There is power in our words and even more power in what we say about ourselves. What often follows the words "I am..." can be very telling about who we believe ourselves to be and the experiences we have in this life. If you were struggling in a subject in school, the effect that can be had in saying "I am terrible at math" is very different than "I am studying to be more proficient in math." One sets up for failure, and the other sets the stage for improvement. It can take many years to figure out who we are, but once we begin to stand consciously in the position of our "I am", it can really shift our lives.

Joel Osteen has a known sermon on the "Power of I Am", which essentially has a series of affirmations to remind you of the power of the words that follow "I Am" along with the individualized potential for greatness.

"Whatever follows the "I Am" will eventually follow you." Joel Osteen

I am...
  • living an abundant life

  • energetic

  • organized

  • beautiful

  • prosperous

  • surround by love

  • blessed

  • creative

  • with boundless potential

  • talented

  • resourceful

  • secure

  • vibrant

  • calm

  • peaceful

  • thriving in all aspects of my life

  • compassionate

  • faithful

  • successful

  • committed

  • youthful

  • valuable

  • brave

  • confident

  • joyful

  • disciplined

  • well

  • healthy

  • wealthy

  • inspired

  • focused

  • giving

  • strong

  • radiant

  • grateful

  • surrendering

  • extraordinary

  • intuitive

  • aligned with my purpose

  • a child of God



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