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40 (or more) Lessons I've Learned (or am still learning...)

Day 27

  • Everyone has the right to change their mind - it's ok

  • Replaying events of the past too often, can take away the joy of the present

  • Mistakes are as valuable as successes

  • "This too shall pass"

  • As capable as I am to take care of myself, knowing when to ask for (and accept) help, is a legitimate form of self care

  • Trust your intuition

  • Everything you need will show up as you truly need (and are prepared for) it

  • My definition of myself does not need to be boxed into what I once thought or what others may think of me

  • You may never truly, fully know someone else, and one person may never fully know all parts of me, and that's ok

  • Love will always show up in your life - sometimes in different forms than you thought you needed

  • Everything really does come down to two things - love or fear

  • The path and the process may be more valuable than the "ending" or the "goal"

  • The truest parts of yourself and desires will continue to show up until you finally address them

  • What is meant for me, IS, and will continue to be

  • People aren't destined for struggle - our perspective on circumstances determine how much time we truly spend struggling

  • Wellness is multi-faceted - it's a combination of physical, spiritual, mental, financial and relational health that determine how well I am

  • Happiness is a personal journey - the ultimate experience is sharing it with others who are aligned with their own path of personal happiness

  • The answers I want may not be what I need

  • There will always be something to learn - life without expansion isn't living

  • It's truly ok to say "No" without explanation

  • There's a difference between privacy and secrecy

  • Life is not meant to be a race, and if you are running, you need to stop and ask "Why?" and possibly "What from?"

  • I may never truly understand the concept of time, but the present moment truly is what is constant

  • We are what we think

  • Don't take good health for granted - even a broken nail can be debilitating!

  • You are what you eat...and hydrate!

  • Everything is temporary - enjoy the good times and look to the growth of the challenging times

  • Energy never dies

  • Breakups can lead to breakthroughs

  • You're only bored if you think you are (thank you Mommy!)

  • "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy and wise" (thank you Nana - getting good rest truly is fruitful!)

  • We may never be fully prepared for life's heartbreak's, but we are more resilient than we know

  • Meeting new people, going to new places, trying new things, all broaden our horizons and make us more compassionate and understanding people

  • All that we do, and all of the relationships we have, are only as healthy as we are individually

  • People meet each other where they are - any changes should (ideally) be self driven

  • Quality relationships require work, investment, time and love - that goes for family, friends, and romantic

  • There will always be something else to want, so be mindful of what your joy is tied to

  • Words really do matter - treat others as kindly as you can

  • People do better when they sincerely know better

  • The best results occur when someone is willing and capable

  • Everyone won't like you, and you won't like everyone, and sometimes you may not even agree to disagree, but that still doesn't justify being a jerk

  • Take things less personally

  • Laughter really is the best medicine

  • What we attract reflects our energy - "good" and "bad"

  • Periods of solitude can rejuvenate and prep you for being your best when with others

  • "Having it all" is relative - we each need to take the time to really tap into what it is we want, not what the world says what we should want - once we take that time, we can figure out how to make it work in our individual lives

  • Relationship status does not represent your worth - "singleness" does not mean something is wrong with you, just as being coupled does not mean something is "right" with you. The health of your relationship (with yourself or with others) is what matter

  • We may never fully know the impact we have on others (even in brief encounters), so always try to be your best self



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